for a thousand francs of money, Armand did not believe she was telling the truth, but he would rather pretend In the way he believed, he paid homage to all the people and things that had a relationship with his mistress. ACMT it exam Then we went to Julie Di Pula home, she told us about the tragedy she witnessed, remembered her friends when shed tears of sincerity. Finally, we went to Margaret s graveyard, in April the sun s early Hui has pushed the green leaves of buds. Armand and the last thing he had to do was to go to his father. He also hoped that I could accompany him. We arrived together in C City, Apple Certification where I met Mr. Duval, as he described to me as his son tall, dignified demeanor, temperament and kind. He welcomed the tears of happiness with Armand, kindly shook hands with me. I soon discovered that in this tax officer who, fatherly love above all else. His daughter named Blanche, her eyes bright, eyes clear, serene lips that her soul is holy thinking, his mouth is full of pious words. ACMT See her brother came back her face smiled, the pure girl did not know, just to maintain her last name, a prostitute in the distance to sacrifice their own happiness. I lived in this happy family for a few days, the family for this to bring them a healing heart busy people. I went back to Paris and wrote the story as I heard it. The only merit of t

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